Landscaping & Green Building


A revolutionary new concept has been the inclusion of the concepts of ecology in both urban and rural ecosystems, especially during the design of modern urban housing societies and even during agricultural reforms in rural areas. People are awakening to the fact that an organism as impactful as a Human Being holds responsibility towards the environment as a whole and a healthy environment means healthier humans that live in it.

New projects all across India have seen a massive shift towards landscaping their grounds, that is to say, the lands around the local vicinity of construction, to build healthy ecosystems. Healthy ecosystems lead directly to healthier rewards and living spaces of a higher quality.

Adapting your environment to be more resistant to natural disasters is an ability human society has. Assessing the impact of any major venture and installing equipment to deal with that impact efficiently is a prime driver for any major institution.
Why should society be any different? We excel at designing spaces which coexist well with their environments. We offer expert counsel in developing green spaces in and around properties, which is known to increase recreational spaces and general quality of life.

Green Building

Construction in Modern-day India is witnessing a shift towards more sustainable and environmentally compatible forms of construction, as is evident in housing development occurring around the country.
Dealing with runoff, treatment of wastewater, solid wastes and Industrial wastes easily is a core component of sustainable development, but the rural regions have not shown a similar growth.
A great number of infrastructure development in India is showing signs of incorporating these policies and we are experienced professionals who can assure that high standards of green ratings are maintained throughout development.

Tackling these major issues are absolutely vital to mitigating the projected shortfalls of drinking water around the year 2021 and the worsening air quality increasing exponentially in a number of cities around the country.