Solar Electricity

Solar thermal technologies utilise solar energy by converting it into usable thermal energy by heating water, air or some other storage media(eg. Silicon) .
Solar electricity utilizes the photovoltaic effect in semiconductors to generate electricity.

Our Sun is a gigantic nuclear reactor and is the primary source of all energy on the planet.
The annual potential of solar energy is 1,575–49,837 exajoules (EJ), many times the total energy requirement of the whole planet.
While all of this may not be harnessable, even a small percentage would solve the energy crisis permanently.
There is enormous potential for harnessing Solar energy for electricity and thermal purposes in the country. With rising costs of electricity and poor availability in a number of rural and remote areas, Solar energy could be the saviour.

While rural areas would benefit immensely from nearly free electricity through solar farms, even urban and metropolitan areas can come into the loop with Rooftop Solar Panels and Solar Heating Systems to combat the heavy stress and rising prices.